Finding Epona

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An article I wrote about Epona was included in the first issue of Air n’Aithesc in 2014. The article, “Finding Epona,” is about the search for Epona both from a spiritual aspect and looking for information about her in scholarly literature.

Aedui, C. (2014). Finding Epona. Air n’Aithesc, 1(1), 51-63

Here is the opening of the article:

My life has always revolved around horses. Horses are an extension of the divine present in my everyday life and part of my connection to Epona, the Celtic horse goddess. Touching my mare’s neck is like touching a piece of history.

When I was in college and first exploring pagan paths, my grandmother gave me a copy of Morgan Llewellyn’s The Horse Goddess, which tells the story of a young woman named Epona in 8th century Europe. I was enthralled. Who was Epona? Hodges Library at the University of Knoxville at Tennessee only had one hit for “Epona”: a recording by the Tanahill Weavers.

Since that time, my quest to learn about Epona has included research and personal gnosis, with the research inspiring everyday practice and intuition leading me to search for information in areas I might have otherwise overlooked. My emphasis has been on understanding Her by understanding Her cultural context.

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