Summer of the Mares

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My calf injury seems to be a way of slowing me down — as if to say, hey you need to look at this other thing… Instead of always being the one putting out energy, I should let my own energy be replenished by the horses

Suddenly I find myself with five mares to play with. So this summer, my horses are my teachers. I have these gifts in the pastures and they are my opportunity to learn more.

I started reading again. I’m several chapters into Zen Mind, Zen Horse. It is so nice to feel excited about reading and learning and knowing I have this great adventure awaiting me this summer.

This summer of the Mares.

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  1. Sue says: | Reply

    Horses teach us a heck of a lot just by being themselves – I had not heard of that book, will check it out

  2. Sena says: | Reply

    Horses teach us so much about everything. It’s amazing the wisdom you can learn from them.

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